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"It’s a knitted sweater that features a large open back which has gone viral in Japan and has been labelled doutei wo korosu, a phrase which suggests it would excite a virgin man so much he would die."…

Version 2 available here


JG's 3 Point Light Rig for Daz3d IRay (Freebie)
This is the 3 Point Photo Metric Light Rig I use to render my models in Daz3D using the IRay engine.

The default setting is a hybrid butterfly setup. It's like the Butterfly setup where the Key light is right above the camera and the Fill light is directly below the camera but hybrid butterfly is slightly shifted to the side to cast shadow on one side of the subject's face and also a Rim light is added to highlight the hair just like the regular 3 point lighting.
The Key light is a 1x1meter square mesh set to 2,000,000Lumen, Fill light is a 1x1meter square mesh set to 200,000Lumen and the Rim light is a 1,000,000Lumen Spot Light. Default focal point is 1.5 meter above the origin. Default light temperature 6500. Of course all these defaults can be changed to your liking thru the parameter tab.

Each one of the lights has a bone so you can easily rotate it around the subject. Each bone has a Mesh light as well as a spot light parented to it so you can easily switch between mesh and spot light.
Make sure to set your Environment Mode to Scene Only and turn off the head lights.


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